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Ditch the Diets and Release the Weight for Good

This course will teach you teach you how to get in touch with and how to honor your body's signals. 

It will help you make peace with food and with your body. It will help you forgive yourself for not honoring your body in the past, and it will prepare you to do that in the future. 

It is time to heal your relationship with food and upgrade your body image and your self-esteem. This is an amazing step towards the vibrant health you are manifesting!

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Meet Your Teacher

Coach Grethe

Coach Grethe has studied the Law of Attraction for 20+ years. Her passion is learning and sharing the best hacks, tips and tricks to help her clients create the lives they want with minimum effort. This has led her to become certified in multiple energy healing modalities (PSYCH-K®, Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) Emotion Code and Body Code). Her background in Biology (MSc in Toxicology and 10+ years in Environmental Management) keeps her grounded in science while she brings science and spirituality together, to help YOU create Extraordinary Results that Last.

5 week online course 

Intuitive Eating

Learn the 10 principles of intuitive eating. Make peace with food. Make peace with your body. Reconnect with your body's signals. Cope with your emotions with kindness.

Energy Healing

Group energy healing to reprogram your subconscious mind and clear anything in your personal energy grid that's blocking you from living making healthy choices and releasing the excess weight.

Guided Meditations

Become a mindful eater and change your body image and your relationship to food through the guided meditations.

Course Material

Downloadable resources include a pdf with all the slides, a workbook to help you digest the material and a guide to replace sugar with healthy, delicious options. 

1-Year Access

Get one year access to the course so you can review at your leisure. 

 "Love the course" 

I really love the course, Grethe. It's already helping change my mentality and thought process when it comes to moving my body (I have stopped saying exercising) and nourishing my body by honoring my hunger instead of feeling guilty. I've been stuck in this diet mentality for far too long. I'm ready to focus on my HEALTH as opposed to the number on the scale or my body size so much. It's become like this obsession and it's definitely not been good for my mental health.

I really like the way you have each Principle set up. You explain it and break it all down so it's easily understandable and each topic/issue is well explained. Normally when I do online courses like this I'm constantly having to pause and look up information. I haven't had to do that once! And then at the end you say ok time to get to the "solution"! really like the solution part.

Nutritionist, Illinois

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Ditch the diets and release the weight for good!

with Coach Grethe

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"Life-changing and liberating! "

"This course is a true eye-opener that dismantles the destructive beliefs ingrained by diet culture. It taught me to embrace my beauty, my body, and my worth. The principles of Intuitive Eating are a revelation ‚Äď making peace with food has brought me so much freedom. The guided meditation sessions are a soothing balm for the soul, and the interactive aspect keeps you engaged every step of the way.

The supportive teacher is there to answer all your questions and offer valuable insights I can honestly say this journey towards self-love and great health has been empowering. If you're ready to break free from the chains of diet culture and truly love yourself, don't hesitate to sign up. It's time to reclaim your beauty and embrace your worth!"

Doctor, Iowa

"Really like it."

"I like that you included the evaluation on the hunger scale in the first meditation. You comprised many important points from your video course in the guided meditation. I really like that you are giving an overview of the course at the beginning.

I really like the examples and experiences from your own life you give in the course, they really help illustrate the points. I also loved the quizzes!!!!!! It makes the viewer be more attentive and gives some interaction. Also, the possibility to see the results breakdown is very helpful."

Coach, Arizona

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