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From Heartbreak to Honeymoon

Are you ready to manifest the relationship you always wanted?


Reprogram your subconscious mind and release your emotional blocks to being in the relationship you desire.

Decide what kind of relationship you want and become the person that is capable of manifesting and nurturing this healthy, supportive and passionate relationship.

This journey is the start of your new life and your new habits to create lasting results in joy!

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emotion code practitioner how to build a healthy relationship Pembroke Pines Tantra

"When I changed the way I look at myself, I finally found my dream partner"

PhD Student, Italy

belief code practitioner how to build a healthy relationship Cape Coral Tantra

"I now feel prepared to embrace a meaningful relationship."

Software Engineer, Norway

body code practitioner how to build a healthy relationship Hollywood Tantra

"I manifested my dream relationship"

Yoga Teacher, Albania

A triangle.

Session 1

Get clear on what kind of relationship you want

In this deep-dive session we create your Relationship Goal.

This helps you get crystal clear on what kind of relationship you want, how you want to show up in this relationship and what you would like your partner to be like. 

A Triangle and a Circle

Session 2

Reprogram your subconscious mind

We start working on changing your point of attraction to match the relationship you desire.  Session 2 starts with a PSYCH-K® process called the Core Belief Balance, a very efficient way to create massive change, fast. Discover and change belief statements representing vital issues such as self-love, forgiveness and welcoming change in minutes.


The circle eclipses the triangle to reveal something underneath.

Session 3

Supercharge your self-love and confidence

Upgrade your self-image and create a stable foundation of self-love from which you can love others.

A 6-pointed curved star appears in the shape.

Session 4

Release the remaining blocks

Releasing Trapped Emotions and installing new, powerful beliefs.

Only the 6-pointed curved star remains.

Session 5

Create a new epigenetic script for your relationships

Locking in all the wonderful positive change with an Alternative life balance.

 Along the Journey

Release your Heart Wall.
Working towards 100% alignment with your relationship goal.

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"Dating has become more fun!"


"Grethe is worth every cent and more, because her results are produced so quickly, efficiently and effectively. My communication skills, business, work opportunities and my ability to manifest my desires has improved. My ability to get in touch with my desires has improved. I have become stronger in listening to myself, my own wants and needs and communicating those boundaries and standards. Dating has become more fun. When I date, there's no nerves, no pressure. I recognise red flags much sooner. I am at a level where I can love myself. This has made me more calm, more kind, and definitely coming from a place of self-love and self-worth.

It is so beneficial to have you on my side for support. Aside from your level of intuition, you are able to give perspective and offer insight that I otherwise might not be able to see. Ultimately, walking away from each session, despite the momentary difficulties, I continue to feel better and better, while addressing and resolving things that I might have been too scared to do on my own. Thank you!"

Massage Therapist & PSYCH-K® Facilitator, New York

From Heartbreak to Honeymoon


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  • 5-session 1-2-1 Programme
  • Bonus: Feng Shui Your Life Online Course
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How to find your dream partner Washington D.C. Energy Healing Manifestation Coach

"From Heartbreak to Honeymoon"

Geologist, Canada

In August 2021 I ended a long-term relationship relating to a breach of trust. It was a difficult time when I realized that this relationship was actually what my negative self-thoughts and beliefs believed I was worthy of. I had heard of Grethe’s work through a friend who talked about how great her “find the man of your dreams” course. I signed up because I wanted to really delve into what was preventing me from being open to my real partner.

In my time working with Grethe, I am amazed at the what we've helped me process and heal. She is a true conduit, helping transform and transmute the energy that arises. She is equal parts strong and gentle, neutral and non-invasive, and a safe space to express emotions and heal. My work with her has profoundly helped me heal root traumas and self-limiting beliefs. I’m realizing the ways in which I have built up inner walls over my lifetime, and beginning to understand what self-love and self-forgiveness really feel like.

Since working with Grethe I’ve noticed a shift in:

I met a new man! He is exactly what Grethe helped me envision when we created my relationship goal!
My relationship with my family, especially my own Mother
I am freer and more authentic in all my relationships
I’m releasing the need to take on the energetic burdens of others
Learning how to honour and put in place boundaries, with myself and others
And bought my first place by myself
Grethe is helping me break down my own limitations. And in time I find myself understanding what strength in self feels like. I’m so grateful for the work we do together and how Grethe helping me remove 32 years of baggage and burdens.

This work has been incredible and has fundamentally made a huge difference in my life. As a result of our work together, I am more open to a relationship now than I have been and my heart and pussy wall feel whole again.

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Love Workbook

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Meet your Coach and Energy Healer

Having gone from heartbreak to honeymoon myself, I am passionate about holding space for others who are on that path. I started by getting clear on what I wanted in a relationship. Then I cleared the emotional baggage and negative subconscious beliefs that were holding me back in my old patterns. I learned about communication and boundaries and implemented this knowledge in my beliefs and behaviors. And now, I am living the honeymoon effect with the man of my dreams, 8 years and counting!

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