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6 years and counting!

I have had the honor and pleasure of helping people from all walks of life, all over the world, to achieve their goals and make positive changes. Don't just take my word for it - read what my clients have to say about their experiences. These testimonials are a testament to the dedication of my clients, and the transformative power of manifestation coaching and energy healing combined.


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"I am matching my previous salary, working half the hours, doing a job I love"


Working with Grethe changed everything for me. I am a former preschool director turned holistic health coach. When I reached out to Grethe I was in the beginning stages of starting my health coach practice. I was struggling with low self-worth and nervous about networking.

She offered a new perspective on the areas I was struggling with and helped me face my issues with compassion. She guided me through the healing process, holding space for the emotions and memories that needed to be addressed.

As a result, I now match my preschool salary working half the hours in a health coaching job I love and continue to build my business. I confidently put myself out there, I speak at events, I network, and I enjoy it! I feel worthy and have no problem charging my worth and asking for money. I am so grateful for the work I did with Grethe and the transformation it has brought to my life and business.

Holistic Health Coach, Florida

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"I lost 15 pounds and quit a medicine"

Seamstress, Florida

Grethe was recommended to me when I was at a very low emotional point in my life. It appeared I had everything in life: I was retired, had enough money and a husband who loved me. But I was not happy, and I wasn’t sure why.

Grethe is so easy to talk to, she immediately put me at ease. As I began to describe what seemed like unrelated problem areas in my life, she began to really know me, and made sense of my jumble of issues. Through her many modalities she helped me let go of long-held beliefs that were making me miserable. Sometimes I cannot even put into words what I am feeling, but with her amazing empathy, she knows what is wrong and how to help me fix it.

I don’t understand how she does it, but the changes she has helped me make have transformed my life. I have started eating better, have lost 15 pounds, and have eliminated one of the antidepressants I’ve been on for over 10 years! There is still more work to do, but after a session with Grethe I am on a positive high for days. The most valuable result of working with Grethe is the feeling of hopefulness. Whatever struggles I am going through, I know she will help me identify what is blocking me from achieving my desired outcome, and together we will work out a plan to smooth the path ahead.

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Miko smiles. He has a sparkle in his eye.
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"From heartbreak to honeymoon"

Geologist, Canada

In August 2021 I ended a long-term relationship relating to a breach of trust. It was a difficult time when I realized that this relationship was actually what my negative self-thoughts and beliefs believed I was worthy of. I had heard of Grethe’s work through a friend who talked about how great her “find the man of your dreams” course. I signed up because I wanted to really delve into what was preventing me from being open to my real partner. 

In my time working with Grethe, I am amazed at the what we've helped me process and heal. She is a true conduit, helping transform and transmute the energy that arises. She is equal parts strong and gentle, neutral and non-invasive, and a safe space to express emotions and heal. My work with her has profoundly helped me heal root traumas and self-limiting beliefs. I’m realizing the ways in which I have built up inner walls over my lifetime, and beginning to understand what self-love and self-forgiveness really feel like.

Since working with Grethe I’ve noticed a shift in:

  • I met a new man! He is exactly what Grethe helped me envision when we created my relationship goal! 
  • My relationship with my family, especially my own Mother
  • I am freer and more authentic in all my relationships
  • I’m releasing the need to take on the energetic burdens of others
  • Learning how to honour and put in place boundaries, with myself and others
  • And bought my first place by myself

Grethe is helping me break down my own limitations. And in time I find myself understanding what strength in self feels like. I’m so grateful for the work we do together and how Grethe helping me remove 32 years of baggage and burdens.

This work has been incredible and has fundamentally made a huge difference in my life. As a result of our work together, I am more open to a relationship now than I have been and my heart and pussy wall feel whole again.

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"The best thing I have done in my life"


I came to the retreat with a lot of baggage and negative thoughts. The feeling of not being enough etc. Now I am better, I feel like I have a new personality that is happy, that grateful for this journey and for grethe’s guidance. I have waited for this for a long time. Now I know that I am enough, I am beautiful on the inside and outside. I know how to talk to my subconscious to manifest what I want. 


This is the best thing I have done in my life. I have traveled a lot for business and pleasure, with kids, shopping and so on. It has always been about material things and about satisfying others and even my own ego. But I have never been on a journey like this for myself. This time it was all for me. To enrich my soul and my subconscious mind. This was just for me. 


This week has been so calming. I have new energy and a new way of thinking for manifesting what I want in life. It is like I have been given a key that I have been searching for for years! 

Entrepreneur, Scandinavia

*At their request, placeholder images have been used to represent real clients.