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Our beliefs shape our lives.

As a Rapid Mind Reset Specialist I blend Science and Spirituality for Transformational Healing.

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15th - 9th October 2024,  South Portugal

Radiant Living Retreat

Receive the most efficient tools for getting clarity, change your belief systems, and manifest what you want.

Amidst serene nature and tranquility in the beautiful south of Portugal, you can come back to yourself, experience the power of a relaxed state of being, and align with your heart’s deepest wishes.

With a combination of tantric practices, energy healing, and coaching, we will help you overcome the obstacles that might be in the way of making your wishes a reality.

Discover the magic power of tuning into a higher vibration, surrendering, and being present in the body.

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A tried and tested 3-step process

Manifestation Art PSYCH-K near me Emotion Code Chart Body Code Practitioner


Decide what kind of relationship you want and become the person that is capable of manifesting and nurturing a healthy, supportive and passionate relationship.

Manifestation Art PSYCH-K near me Florida Emotion Code Chart Body Code Life Coach Process


Create fast and lasting mindset change with state-of-the-art energy psychology and energy healing modalities. Using a combination of PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code, Body Code and the Subconscious Belief Technique will shift your point of attraction in minutes.

When you get your subconscious mind in vibrational alignment with your conscious goals, the law of attraction will bring you your wishes and desires faster than ever before.

Manifestation Art PSYCH-K near me Emotion Code Chart Body Code Life Coach


Decide on the best action steps and new habits to implement embody the person you need to be, to manifest the life you want.

Manifestation Coach Tantra Breathwork Emotion Code Benefits Body Code Healing Jacksonville Life Coach Near Me

"Within 5 years, I had manifested my dream man, dream job, and dream home."

- Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

Following years of self-neglect, my mental and physical health pushed me to a breaking point. I knew things had to change. With the power of modalities like PSYCH-K® and the help of many amazing people, I learnt to put myself first and to be happy again.

I want to help others do the same. With 20 years of dedication to the Law of Attraction and emerging energy healing modalities, I offer 1-1 Rapid Mind Reset sessions, tantra massages, workshops and retreats.

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"I've gained confidence and courage."

"I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Grethe to anyone who's looking to overcome their fears, gain confidence, and take the leap into the life they've always wanted. She's an exceptional coach who can help you overcome your self-doubt and become the best version of yourself.

Coach Grethe has made a significant impact on my life. I am an aesthetic nurse and life coach who was managing a busy aesthetic clinic four days a week while trying to set up my own business. However, I felt held back by fears of being judged, self-sabotage, and imposter syndrome. But with Grethe's guidance, I was able to clarify my goals, overcome these fears and step into my own power. With her help, I was able to hand in my notice at the clinic after 11 years and finally pursue my dream career.

Today, I'm much more comfortable speaking my truth, creating content, and putting myself out there on social media. I feel confident in my skin, and my boundaries are much stronger. Even my insecurities and judgments around not having kids have dissipated. My coaching business, the Anna Miller Method, is steadily growing. My clients are getting amazing results – and so am I!

Working with Grethe has been a transformative experience. She's super friendly, relaxed, empathetic, and flexible, and her sessions are enjoyable, fun, and straightforward. eating, drinking, and sleep habits have improved, and I feel healthier and happier overall. Her unique combination of coaching and energy healing has helped me change my mindset and my life faster than I could have imagined."

Anna Miller
Life Coach & Aesthetician

PSYCH-K Manifestation Quotes Emotion Code Does it work Body Code Healing Florida Life Coach Near Me

"From Heartbreak to Honeymoon"

Geologist, Canada

Manifestation Coach Emotion Code Benefits Body Code Healing Florida Life Coach Near Me

"I manifested an amazing freelance offer"

Psychologist, Spain

Belief Code Manifestation Examples Emotion Code Therapy Body Code Healing Florida Life Coach Near Me

"Body Code helped me heal from seizures"

Model & Non-profit Founder, Canada

*At their request, placeholder images have been used to represent real clients

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How to build a healthy relationship Practitioner Body Code Energy Healing Affirmations Life Coach near me

From Heartbreak to Honeymoon

Decide what kind of relationship you want and become the person that is capable of manifesting and nurturing a healthy, supportive and passionate relationship.

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Emotion Code Practitioner Body Code Energy HealingAbundance Affirmations Life Coach near me

From Struggle & Stress to Meaning & Abundance

Blast away your money blocks to create the financial freedom you have always dreamt about.

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Miko smiles with a sparkle in his eye.

Loving Yourself to Great Health

Reprogram the subconscious beliefs and trapped emotions that may be blocking you from achieving the health, vitality and body you desire.

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How to find a good partner Practitioner Body Code Energy Healing Affirmations Life Coach near me New York City


Becoming your Dream Partner's Dream Partner. 


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Manifest everything you want in one year.

In this recorded workshop, you will learn how to create a powerful vision board. By personalizing your board with images that truly resonate with your goals and aspirations, you will be able to visualize and manifest your dreams into reality. Access the Canva template here.

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