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In-person workshop in the US, Florida. 

October 5th, 10am - 1pm

Manifest anything you want with the Clarity, Alignment, Action method. 

Do you self-sabotage, procrastinate and repeat old patterns? 

Does it take a lot of willpower to do “the right thing? 

Let me show you the fastest and easiest ways to align your goals with your subconscious mind, take willpower out of the equation and make the right actions your new automatic behaviour in this 3 hour workshop.

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Every other Wednesday

Sacred Segments


Sacred Segments is a biweekly interactive Zoom group with a focus on healing and manifestation.

Hosted by Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Psychic Healing Facilitator Alexis Constantinou.

There are special guest healers and speakers. 

We hope to see you there!

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Every Wednesday

Power Hour


During Power Hour, we provide community, accountability, support, joy and being in the energy of work getting done. Join our weekly 2 hour online work sessions and get it done!

Give it a try; your first session is free.

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Previous Events

December 2022

2023 Vision Board Workshop


Time to make our vision boards for 2023. To make them even more special, we will use Canva to edit ourselves into the images! Don't know how? Don't worry, I'll show you! 

Did you miss it? Watch the replay here. Download the Canva template here

November 2022

Rising Feminine


An immersive one-day retreat of Alchemy and Transformation. We are inviting you to experience how it feels to live in a divine union with your feminine and masculine polarities. 

Be seduced by your own power as you to embark on a journey to become whole, whilst awakening your highest potential.


Sacred Sex Magic Manifestation - Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

Ignite your sacral power for liberating confidence - Kinga Papp

Chakradance - Samantha Kelsie (aka Seren Sins)

August 2022

Oslo Sexebrate Festival


Sexebrate is a festival to celebrate our colorful sexuality. It's the largest in Norway with over 100 different workshops. At the Sexebrate festival you can explore and learn more about your own sexuality. Come get inspired to take your sexuality to new heights!

Coach Grethe's workshops:

Release your shame - group energy healing

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Sacred Sex Magic Manifestation