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"I don't need to pretend to be anyone else anymore."

- Pola Vida, Tantra & Sensuality Coach

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¬†Your journey to inner freedom starts with¬†The Belief Code¬ģ.

Are you ready?

Embark on a path of transformation that unlocks the deepest layers of your subconscious mind.

With over 20 years of expertise in the Law of Attraction and a master's degree in Biology, I am not just a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code Practitioner but also a preferred PSYCH-K¬ģ facilitator. I am here to guide you through the revolutionary world of "The Belief Code¬ģ" ‚Äď a unique energy healing modality developed by Discover Healing.

What is The Belief Code?

"The Belief Code" is a groundbreaking approach to energy healing that builds on the Emotion Code¬ģ and the Body Code‚ĄĘ. It's designed to systematically unearth and release negative belief systems entrenched in your subconscious mind, thus freeing your mind, body, and spirit.


Discover the Layers of Your Belief System

Our core belief system shapes every aspect of our lives, often without our conscious awareness. "The Belief Code" addresses the four main layers of a Faulty Belief System, akin to a tree:

  1. Faulty Core Identity: The soil where negative beliefs take root, often from childhood.
  2. Faulty Core Belief: The roots, representing reinforced beliefs interconnecting over time.
  3. Limiting Belief: The trunk, the core of your belief system influencing your self-perception.
  4. Negative Program: The branches and leaves, manifesting as negative thoughts and self-talk. 

By understanding and addressing these layers, you can dramatically change your outlook and transform your life.

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Belief Code Sessions 

Join Me on This Healing Journey!
Ready to let go of unwanted subconscious beliefs and step into a world of empowerment? As one of the first practitioners certified in this modality, I am excited to offer you this unique opportunity.

Embrace the Change ‚Äď Book Your Session Today! Transform your life with "The Belief Code". Whether you're looking to heal, grow, or manifest your dreams, this journey is a step towards a more fulfilled and authentic you. Book your session now and start your journey to a radiant life filled with abundance, meaning, and well-being.

Choose between Zoom or Email sessions. In a 45 minute session, there is typically time to find and release 2-3 belief systems. Whether you choose to participate on zoom, or prefer an email session, they are equally effective. After the session, you will receive an email with your notes, outlining the entire belief systems released. 

1 Session - Zoom


45 min

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1 Session - Email


45 min

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Belief Code 5 Session Package - Zoom


5x45 min

  • 5 sessions for the price of 4!
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Belief Code 5 Session Package - Email


5x45 min

  • 5 sessions for the price of 4!
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Meet your Belief Code Practitioner

Hi, I am Coach Grethe! I was certified by Dr Bradley Nelson himself in October 2023, in the first ever Belief Code Certification. I specialize in combining the most efficient energy healing tools with coaching, to help my clients manifest their dreams. My background in biology keeps me grounded in science, while I combine the best of science and spirituality to help my clients create Extraordinary Results that Last.  

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Himanshi has a big smile at the jewellery store.

"It is amazing. I just feel free."

Energy Healer, USA

Camilla enjoys a fizzy beverage on a boat trip.

"It worked! I now have money coming in! "

Shamanic Healer, Spain

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Getting certified in the Emotion, Body or Belief Code? Or going to a Discover Healing event? Use the links below to get free Belief Code sessions when you buy your course or event ticket. Once the payment has gone through, I will send you an email with a booking link so you can schedule your free session(s).

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Emotion Code Certification

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Belief Code Certification

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Discover Healing Events

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Emotion & Body Code Seminar in London 8-9 June 2024

Dr Bradley Nelson is coming to London, England to teach the Emotion Code and Body Code in London in June 2024.

There will be live demos with the audience.

It is possible to pay for your ticket in instalments.

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