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Manifest anything you want in 2023 with a personalized vision board

toolkit transformative life hacks Jan 12, 2023
Coach Grethe
Manifest anything you want in 2023 with a personalized vision board

A vision board is a powerful tool for manifesting the life you want, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to create in 2023. Whether you prefer a traditional paper and glue approach or a digital version, the key to making a vision board effective is personalization. Watch Grethe's Vision Board workshop here.

A traditional vision board is created by gathering images and words from magazines, newspapers, or online sources that represent your goals and aspirations. These can be pasted onto a poster board or canvas, and can be displayed in a place where you will see it often. The idea is that by constantly viewing these images and words, your subconscious mind will begin to work towards making them a reality. 

A digital vision board, on the other hand, is created using a tool such as Canva or Powerpoint, which allows you to create a customized board with images, text, and colors that resonate with you. With a digital vision board, it is easy to share with your friends and family, or even set as a background of your phone, computer or tablet.

If you find yourself constantly drawn to images of nature, then make sure that your vision board includes pictures of beautiful landscapes and natural settings. If you want to travel more, include pictures of destinations that you would like to visit. The more specific and personal your vision board is, the more effective it will be in helping you manifest your desired reality.

No matter which type of vision board you choose, there is one key element that will significantly elevate the manifestation power of your vision board. Personalize it! This is done by editing yourself into the image. In Canva, you can easily do this by adding an image of yourself on top of the image of what you'd like to experience, and then use the "Remove background" functionality to edit yourself into the situation. If you do the paper and glue approach, print a bunch of pictures of yourself, cut out the background and glue yourself on top of the images you want to manifest.

Making a vision board is a fun and rewarding process, and it is a great way to focus your energy on the things you want to create in your life. So take some time to reflect on what you want to manifest in 2023, and create a vision board that will help you bring those dreams to fruition.

Create your own vision board with Coach Grethe's Canva template. Click here

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