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My Belief Code Journey – From Vision Board to Reality

tales of transformation toolkit Dec 11, 2023
Coach Grethe
My Belief Code Journey – From Vision Board to Reality

From Vision Board...

Ever since I first heard of the Belief Code, I have wanted to learn how to do it. About a year ago, I put it on my 2023 vision board. At that time, the Belief Code still wasn’t available. It was still being developed and perfected. (Want to make your own vision board? Check this out.)

The Belief Code is the most comprehensive and thorough energy healing modality for discovering and clearing entire negative belief systems from the subconscious mind available today. It is the natural and perfect supplement to the other energy healing modalities offered by Discover Healing: The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

...To Reality

It has been a long time coming and I was starting to doubt whether the modality would come out in 2023.  When the possibility to attend the first ever in-person certification event presented itself, I signed up immediately. I was going to learn Belief Code from Josh Nelson & Dr. Bradley Nelson!

The event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2023. I was one of about 80 students attending the event - the first 80 people in the world to get Belief Code Certified! The event was amazing! It was so inspiring to spend time with like-minded people. And the material was fascinating. We learned about the subconscious mind, what beliefs are and how they are formed, about muscle testing and intuition. We learned about belief systems and how to identify and release faulty belief systems. We practised a lot with each other. It was 3 magical days!

My new wonderful friends, Holly and Christie took me sightseeing on the Las Vegas Strip. I had a blast! My favorite was the Venetian. It really created the feeling of being outside in Venice, while being indoors! And the fairy flower display at the Bellagio was magnificent! Just wow!

The Belief Code Certification is now available online!

The online version of the Belief Code Course was launched mid-November. It has 8 modules with video lectures and quizzes. You have to complete a total of 30 sessions in order to get certified; 2 on yourself and 28 client study sessions divided between 10 humans. The Belief Code builds on the Emotion Code and the Body Code and you have to be certified in both of these to sign up for the Belief Code certification.

While you can get access to the Emotion Code and the Body Code through the Body Code app, and you can teach yourself to do this by reading the books, this opportunity does not exist with the Belief Code. The only way to get access to the Belief Code is either by working with a certified practitioner or becoming one yourself. And that requires first getting certified in the Emotion Code and the Belief Code.

Get a free Belief Code session when you sign up for your certification

Getting certified in the Emotion Code, The Body Code or the Belief Code? Use my affiliate link to sign up for your certification, and get a free Belief Code Session with me! Simply use the link. Once you have signed up, I will send you an email with a link to book your session.

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Get a 30 % discount on All Belief Code Sessions that are paid in 2023. Buy sessions for yourself (use the coupon code BELIEF at checkout) and gift certificates for your friends and family. The sessions can be used next year but they have to be paid for in December to get the discount, 

The journey

On my way to Las Vegas, I decided to visit Florida, where I used to live and where many of my clients live as well. I flew into Miami, had a fabulous beach day on Miami beach and visited a family for some in-person sessions with the mother, father and son! What a blessing to be able to work with the whole family! To top it off, I got to meet my client in-person for the first time!

My trip continued up the Florida coast. My first stop was West Palm Beach, where I had a lovely dinner with my networking group. This was my first time meeting all of these people in person. We had such a lovely time!

The next morning, I continued north, to Cape Canaveral. I was supposed to watch a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch, but it was postponed. I still got to go for a walk on t he beach and enjoyed a nice lunch with my lovely client!

I continued north, past Orlando, to Jacksonville. I used to live in Jacksonville so the city and the people there are dear to my heart. My friends let me stay in their wonderful home while they were travelling. I arranged a little get-together, got to see old friends and also met some of my clients for the first time. It was one of the best days of my life! What is better than to spend time with friends, enjoying fabulous food, and then spontaneously meditating and doing breathwork together?

I was also lucky enough to host an event at the Essential Energy Spa & Mystical Center in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. What a venue! Imagine being in a room where your body is healed at a cellular level, while attending a workshop on manifesting your dream life! It was epic! 

Another treat that I got to experience was a visit to the Temple of the Universe just outside Gainesville, Florida. Ever since I read Michael Singer's books The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment, I have wanted to go. And it was so wonderful! I got to experience a wonderful yoga class and a talk by the man himself, where he discussed the meaning of life.

Since I started using the Belief Code with my clients, they have started reporting amazing results. One client was struggling with finding a job for 6 months. A few days after her belief code session, she landed her dream job! Another client was feeling trapped in her life and relationship. After her session, she reported feeling free, like she now has a choice. This led to a deep feeling of peace.

This was a truly magical journey! I feel so blessed. Becoming a manifestation coach and energy healer has been such an adventure! Every day I get to work with people from all over the world. This last year I have been on zoom calls with clients from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Miami, Phoenix, Savannah, Canada, Mauritius, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Canada, Australia, Croatia, Italy, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Mexico to name a few. This is possible because energy healing works really well from a distance.

This journey has been transformative, and I invite you to join me in unlocking the potential of the Belief Code. Let the exploration of energy healing be your gateway to manifesting a life beyond imagination. 

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