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 Manifestation and healing 

Sacred Segments is a biweekly interactive Zoom group with a focus on healing and manifestation.

Hosted by Heal Your Life Workshop Leader & Psychic Healing Facilitator Alexis Constantinou.

There are special guest healers and speakers. 

We hope to see you there!

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Meet your host

Alexis Constantinou is based in London. He was trained by Louise Hay as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. He is a man of many talents. A Psychic Healing Facilitator, singer, entertainer, voice coach and tarot reader.

Alexis has hosted Sacred Segments for a number of years. His motivation was to create a safe space for people interested in manifestation and healing to meet, discuss and learn, while holding each other in love. Alexis is always looking for interesting guests and concepts to share in the group. 

Alexis is deep in thought.

Meet the regular guest speakers

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The meeting is held every other Wednesday, 7 pm BST.

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Donation based 

We want to make Sacred Segments available and accessible to everyone. Therefore, they are free. If you can and want to honor the great effort Alexis puts into putting everything together, you can donate to him via paypal: [email protected] 

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